Extreme and Quantum Photonics Summer School

May 21, 2013 - May 25, 2013

Ottawa, Canada

The University of Ottawa’s Extreme & Quantum Photonics was designed as an in depth introduction for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. The focus of the school rotates yearly to address the latest developments in extreme photonics.

The school’s focus for 2013 was be Quantum photonics. Lecturers are internationally recognized Canadian and International leaders in the fundamental and applied aspect of this field. Each day we had four to five 90 minute talks on a selected topic in Quantum Photonics. Topics were be developed from its basic principles to advanced research. Each day culminated in a public lecture by an internationally renowned keynote speaker discussing latest advances.

Topics and speakers included

  • Foundations of Quantum Photonics
    • John Sipe, U. Toronto
    • Steve Barnett , U. Strathclyde
    • Barry Sanders, U. Calgary
  • Laboratory Methods in Quantum Photonics
    • Alexander Sergienko, Boston U.
    • Miles Padgett, U. Glasgow
  • Applications of Quantum Photonics
    • Christoph Marquardt, Max Planck – Science of Light
    • Sangeeta Murugkar, uOttawa
    • Ksenia Dolgaleva, U. Toronto
  • Fundamental Studies of Quantum Phenomena
    • Gerd Leuchs, Max Planck – Science of Light
    • Jeff Lundeen, NRC, Canada
    • Maria Chekhova, Max Planck – Science of Light
    • Jonathan Leach, Heriot-Watt
  • Quantum Plasmonics
    • Javier Garcia de Abajao, U. Southampton
    • Peter Nordlander, Rice U.
    • Israel De Leon, uOttawa
    • Martti Kauranen , Tampere U.